September 2, 2019 0 Comments Business

3 Reasons Your Business Should Focus On Quality Content Over Quantity

If you’re running a business, you know how important good marketing can be. In today’s world, a huge portion of marketing includes online marketing, which encompasses various aspects of online promotion and advertising, like content creation.

Previously, many people thought that in order to have content creation work well for your business, you had to come at it with a shotgun approach, meaning you created as much as you possibly could, threw everything out there, and hoped that something stuck. But as content marketing has grown, we now know that there needs to be a much bigger focus on quality over quantity.

If this concept is something that you or the decision-makers within your company haven’t quite gotten on board with yet, here are three reasons why your business should be focusing on quality content over a higher quantity of content. 

To Actually Grab Your Viewers’ Attention

As was mentioned above, a shotgun approach to marketing isn’t really going to do it for online marketing anymore. To really see a benefit from the work you’re doing, you have to know that it’s actually going to have an impact on your audience.

According to William Craig, a contributor to, of the over 5,000 ads that a consumer sees daily when going about their life, they only really engage with about 12 of those ads. That means that everything else they’re seeing is purely background noise, which is the last thing you want to be spending your time, money, and resources on creating. So to become one of those 12 or so marketing pieces that connect to the audience, you’ve got to focus more on the quality of the work you’re creating. 

To Better Reach Your Business Goals

Different businesses are going to have different goals that they’re trying to accomplish through their marketing efforts. Once you have these goals solidified, you can then create a plan for how to use your content marketing to reach these goals in an effective manner.

When you’re creating content for the purpose of having it help you achieve specific goals, Yaniv Makover, a contributor to, shares that you have to rely more heavily on the quality than the quantity. For example, if you’re wanting to get more domain authority, make sure you’re creating quality content with good link building strategies.

To Devote Your Time To Content That Really Matters

One of the biggest hang-ups a business faces when deciding to focus on quality or quantity is that by spending more of your resources on individual pieces of content, you’re naturally going to be able to produce less content. But according to John Boitnott, a contributor to, this strategy can get you much better results in the long run as long as the time and effort you’re putting into your content is done correctly. 

If you think your business could benefit from producing more quality content rather than just a higher number of content, consider using the information presented above to help support your new approach to content marketing.