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5 Fun Backyard Party Ideas for Adults That’ll Put Kid’s Parties to Shame

All of the Covid safety restrictions made this last year a party free zone for just about everyone. Luckily, it’s never too early for you to start thinking about parties for next summer.

No, we don’t mean parties for your kids. We mean parties where grownups get together and have a little fun.

Do you think you’ll be ready for some party fun by the time next summer rolls around? If so, you should keep reading. We’re going to cover five of the best backyard party ideas for adults.

1. S’mores Bar

One of the things that everyone loves about camping is making s’mores. Unfortunately, it’s basically impossible to get more than a few of your friends out for an adults-only camping trip. What you can do is bring the delicious goodness of s’mores to your backyard.

All you need is:

A firepit or clean chiminea and some marshmallow sticks won’t hurt either.

2. Bring on the Fiesta

Add a little south of the border, fiesta charm to your party with a pinata. It’s one of those backyard party ideas that promise amusement and lightens the atmosphere.

You take it to the next level with some Mexican food, like tacos or burritos. Don’t forget the chips, salsa, and cervezas. After you eat, everybody takes a turn at the pinata.

3. Snack Raft

Remember that inflatable pool you got for your kids that they outgrew in five-second. You can give that raft a second life as part of your backyard party setup. Make it a party snack raft!

Get out the bike pump and fill that pool with air. Drop on your table and put a layer of ice in the bottom. You get instant cooling for perishable snacks.

4. Photo Booth Party

No, we don’t mean you should rent a photo booth. We mean you should find a big old painting frame and hang it up somewhere. Then, get people to pose behind the frame for pictures.

You can add some fun with wigs and silly hats. This falls into the category of backyard party ideas on a budget.

5. The “Rave”

Raves might be great for college kids, but probably demand too much energy for adults. What you can do is co-opt their gear for some rave-inspired fun. Get yourself some glow sticks, as well as some glow rings.

Once the sun goes down, it’s time for the rave ring toss.

Picking from the Backyard Party Ideas for Adults

Picking from the backyard party ideas for adults depends a little on where you live. If your neighbors don’t like noise, a pinata or rave ring toss will probably encourage too much shouting.

You can probably get away with a s’mores bar almost anywhere. The snack raft and photo booth ideas will fly in most places as well.

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