September 10, 2019 0 Comments Business, Tech

Designing Your First Business Website: 5 Elements Of A Successful Build

Today’s entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever before, and it’s mostly attributed to the popularity of the internet.  The world revolves around digital transactions, social situations, and communication.  

If you want your business to make an impression on a wide audience of consumers, you’ll have to get on board the digital revolution.  It all begins with your business website, so make certain you get the design right from the very beginning.  

Here is a brief overview of a few of the most important design elements behind a successful business website design.  

Simple navigation is vital 

A great business website design makes exploring the content simple.  With a clear navigation bar along the top or side of your design, new visitors won’t have to question their path to the information they seek.  

For a visual example, take a look at this vendor managed inventory operation website.  As soon as you land on the page, you know exactly how to move around the site map.  There’s no question where to find customer service, blog posts, and more.  

Add elements of communication

Communication is a huge part of running a successful business operation.  You have to be able to communicate internally with your professionals, but communication with consumers is paramount to growth. 

Use your business website as an opportunity to communicate with your target audience, and integrate several different ways in which viewers can connect with your operation.  Your “Contact Us” page is an excellent start to communication, but don’t stop there.  

Your blog page will draw readers 

Add a blog to your business website design, so passing visitors can do more than just pass.  A well-written blog will raise user engagement, and give your business a better shot at a conversion.  

The more time users spend on your business website, the more likely they are to purchase something.  Boosting user engagement is one of the most efficient forms of marketing your business.  

Optimize your site for mobile users

Mobile access to the web is where the internet is shifting.  There are more mobile users online at any given time than those who are using a laptop or PC, so it’s vital that your business website design appeals to the majority.  

Learn to apply the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization should be one of the very first design concepts you should research before you build your business website.  Weaving the concepts of SEO into your digital content will make it more effective at reaching your target audience.  

Learn to understand the methods of Google’s search engine algorithms, and you’ll learn to create digital content that ranks first in the SERPs (search engine results pages).