July 1, 2022 0 Comments Sports

FREESHOT: The Accessory for the Practical Golfer

FREESHOT – the golf accessory designed to keep all of your golf accessories organized in one place – has just launched on Kickstarter.

With four color options, including Rose Gold, Black, Black & White, and Metal Gray, FREESHOT lets you carry your golf accessories more easily than ever.

FREESHOT has its own golf ball holder to address the inconveniences of carrying your golf bar around with you all the time. Golf balls fit snug in the FREESHOT holder, and they stay in there pretty tight.

FREESHOT also comes with a unique ball marker. The ball marker uses a strong magnet to stay secure in its slot, making it super easy to remove and use it when you need to. For an extra fee, you can also customize it, too.

When you need to take care of pitch marks left on the golf course, FREESHOT has you covered there, too. The product comes with its own divot tool, which you can safely store in the holder and use when you need to tidy up the golf course. The divot tool is also fully retractable, so you won’t need to worry about it hurting you, either.

One of the highlights of the FREESHOT package is the complimentary FREESHOT long tee. This tee is designed as a two-piece long tee with top and bottom halves.

The snap-back design makes this tee highly practical, and the magnet holding the two halves together means you won’t have to worry about losing this innovative tee.

But if you do end up losing your tee, the sharp orange color makes it easy to find in the grass.

To store FREESHOT, just place it in the complimentary pouch. And when you’re out on the green, just have FREESHOT sit opposite of where you swing. You’ll feel right away how having your accessories organized helps improve your game.

The FREESHOT team told us “Golf is a sport that lets you feel free in nature, all while delighting in the friendship of your companions. We wanted FREESHOT to help make golf feel easier and freer. We also hope that our product will help golfers experience a new way to golf.”

You can find FREESHOT on Kickstarter, where it has already surpassed its target funding goal.