December 20, 2020 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Lip Augmentation Chicago Style, What To Expect

When it comes to lip augmentation Chicago has a huge array of options which you can consider and I’ll be honest, it can be very difficult to decide which is the best, such is the high standard which has been set here. It was my friend who was looking for this ahead of a wedding that she was going to and she asked me for a hand in helping her to find a great.

Not content with just helping her to get the best clinic, I decided to stay with her when she got it done and I have to be honest I was fascinated by this procedure. Since having done my friend has had hundreds of people asking her about what it was like and I so I thought I’d share that experience with you on here, for anyone who may have questions about what the lip augmentation is like.

Discussion First

Before anyone gets any needles or knives out there first thing that will happen is you will sit down with your cosmetic surgeon and they will discuss with you what options are available, what they would recommend for you and then you will have the chance to discuss the result which you are looking for. This forms the basis for everything because it is here that you will have it explained to you exactly what you can expect with regards to results. From what I can tell, those who are not happy with their results are those who have not been clear enough or not asked enough questions during this stage.

The Procedure

The procedure itself is in fact very simple, you will have multiple small injections into your lip which aim to plump them up and add shape to the lips. The injections feature one of two products, depending on what the desired outcome is. The first option is collagen, once the preferred option for lip augmentation although in recent years it has not been as common as it once was.

The most commonly used product now is hyaluronic acid, which is less likely to cause allergic reactions and which actually last for much longer in the lips than collagen will. This is a product which ensures less bruising, and which offers a much more natural look.


I have to be honest I thought that after the injections had been added that there would be a lot of bruising or quite a lot of after care, yet in reality my friend was absolutely fine the morning after. There was a very minor bit of swelling and she followed the instructions around not eating anything which required a lot of chewing for a couple of days, then after that she was absolutely fine.

This is a very safe procedure and I have to be honest the results are in fact very natural in the way that they look, far from the false, doll-like lips which I expected. This is definitely something I’d recommend for those who wish to have fuller lips.