December 23, 2020 0 Comments Business

Need a Corporate Gift Supplier? Send Employees Baskets and Gift Cards

Looking for a way to thank your employees and clients in ways they’ll never forget?

This year has been lonely because of COVID. More than ever, it’s important to tell people how much their hard work means to you. Show them you care with custom gift baskets and tasty treats handpicked for them.

Holiday gift-giving this year is outpacing Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and mother’s day! The reason is that you can send high-quality ingredients and social distance at the same time.

Get into the giving spirit this year and find a corporate gift supplier! Keep reading to find out how.

1. Personalize the Basket

Buy into the spirit of giving by attaching a personal note to your gift box. Look for gift basket companies that allow a customizable card for you to write on. Although many people are happy to receive goods, more often than not, the accompanying card boosts employee morale and is more important than the tangible items you give them.

Maybe you want to let your employee know he’s receiving a raise. Maybe you want to graciously thank a client for trusting in you and being a loyal customer. They’ll be happy to read it as they explore the basket!

2. Send Exclusives

Don’t send gifts that your employee or client can easily pick up at their local store. Is your HQ located in an area with a special cuisine? Select an area specialty or seek out your favorite local bakery to get the job done.

Look for gift baskets using high-quality ingredients. From where do they source their materials? You can weed out undesirable places and find truly amazing gifts that embody the spirit of giving at Christmas.

Check out these 10 Gourmet and Impressive Christmas Gift Baskets that you can rely on to impress. Use this as the diving board into the wonderful world of corporate gift baskets!

3. Pick Beautiful Packaging

If there’s an option to choose colorful paper and implement your brand colors and design into the gift box, even if it’s more expensive, choose it! Cool packaging makes the gift basket feel exclusive and special (which it is!). Brown packages are fine, but it’s exciting to unwrap.

4. Don’t Make It About You

Though it may be tempting to stick promotions or company information in the gift boxes, save it for an email blast after the holidays! Your employees are people, after all, and don’t want to be thinking about work 24/7.

Make this basket about them. Focus on how you can make their holiday break even better with the gift basket you have graciously picked out for them.

5. Think About What They Want

When people think about corporate gift baskets, their mind instantly thinks of gourmet food. But gift baskets can include a multitude of items! Your imagination is the limit.

Are you a tech company? Then it would be awesome to give your employees useful technology or hip new products. Spa-themed boxes are popular as well, as you’re helping your employees and clients focus on their wellness.

Find a Corporate Gift Supplier Today!

Make your employee’s holiday today! Choose an amazing gift box by a great corporate gift supplier and make them feel appreciated and wanted. The giving spirit rewards the giver by showing gifting you with the gratitude of the people you make happy.

Read our blog posts for more tips on how to make the best of this very different holiday season! Embrace the spirit of giving today and become the best boss this Christmas.