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Top website tools for Mac computers

Whether you’re looking to start up a simple personal blog page or are setting up a company website, there are numerous tools in any build that will make your job considerably easier. Modern advances in coding and tech have made it simpler than ever for any user – even those with zero coding or design skills – to get online these days. However, having the right software to hand will make it much more likely to achieve better, more professional results. 

No matter what kind of site you’re hoping to publish, below are just a few tips and apps that will help you in your next web design project.

Take the DIY approach or use a professional firm 

As a general rule, unless your site is purely for personal use (i.e. a blog page), you would be well advised to engage the services of a professional firm. While it’s true there is now a huge range of website builder tools available (i.e. Wix, Weebly, etc), when put side by side, you will almost always be able to tell the difference between a DIY website build and one that’s been produced by a skilled development firm. 

For example, a website by ALT Agency stands head and shoulders above one produced on a DIY basis using site builder tools. Often, your choice on this point will be dictated by budget, but you should bear in mind that your site will most often be the first point of contact between you and your users (particularly if you’re building a business website), so you should choose accordingly. 

Image editing software

When it comes to websites, speed is everything, and there’s no better way to alienate and drive away users than having slow-loading pages. One of the primary causes of sites loading slowly is bloated images – most often due to the size and resolution. To ensure your content downloads quickly to devices, you should optimize and resize all your images using image editing software. If you don’t already have a suitable imaging app, you could use the excellent Photopea online software, which offers most of the most common and useful functions of the significantly more expensive Adobe Photoshop.

Remember – Content is King

In January 1996, Bill Gates penned his now seminal essay entitled, “Content is King” – yet the underlying message rings truer today than ever. In a world where there are now more web pages than people, having quality content is the only way you’ll stand any chance of grabbing attention and engaging users. As a starting point, you should aim to provide content that isn’t available anywhere else – or, at the very least, make sure you have an original take or angle on existing stories. 

You should also ensure that the text you write is error-free and serves to engage and interest users quickly. Software like Grammarly uses advanced spell-check systems to scan your text and highlight any errors – plus its Artificial Intelligence (AI) can read your work almost as a human user to give an idea of how your content might sound to your site visitors. 

Other tools

Depending on the type of content you intend to feature, you’ll find almost limitless apps online that will help you build your site. In particular, if you choose to build your site in WordPress, try doing a quick search in the plug-ins directory in the Content Management System (CMS) back-end, where you’ll find small code snippets for almost any conceivable task.