April 28, 2022 0 Comments Tech

Where to Start With Website Accessibility – accessiBe

When people first hear of the need for website accessibility, it can seem like a daunting thing to implement within your company, especially as there can be legal implications if you get it wrong. But website accessibility doesn’t have to be difficult and there are companies, like accessiBe, that are there to help with the process.

Why make my website more accessible?

While, as mentioned, it may be a legal requirement in your country, there are many reasons and benefits to doing this anyway. Surely the goal of any business is to attract as many people and potential clients or customers as possible, and by making your website more accessible, you are increasing the number of visitors to your website. There are millions of people out there, in fact it is estimated to be well over a billion, who are dependant on accessible websites, so there is a lot of growth potential for your website if you make it more accessible.

The idea is to make anyone who wants to visit your site have the opportunity to do so. No one should be unable to access a website because of an accessibility issue. And yet, unfortunately this is the situation that many face. Helping those with impairments to enjoy the same access as everyone else is the right thing to do and as we’ve said, it will benefit your company in the process.

What impairments require accessibility help?

There are many different types of impairments and the ways that they affect people are varied and numerous. But there are a few that are more common:

  1. Hearing impairments – An obvious problem for some is that they have either a reduced or total lack of hearing which can make things harder for them to use online.

  2. Visual impairment – Another very common problem is reduced or total lack of vision which again creates big issues when trying to navigate websites.

  3. Seizures – Some conditions, for example, epilepsy, can cause some to suffer from seizures if exposed to flashing lights.

  4. Motor impairments – Some people struggle with either fine or gross motor skills which can make it difficult to use equipment, such as a mouse, that involve careful control.

As we’ve said there are many more than these but you this gives you some idea of what issues some are facing when using the internet. There are a lot of technologies out there now to assist with these issues so that those with impairments can make full use of the internet.

So now you have a bit of an idea on why it is important, and where to start on things to consider, it would be advisable to use a company to help you get your website fully accessible in a matter of days.