September 22, 2019 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

5 Home Renovation Projects That Boost Your Equity

Home improvement is exciting, and boosting your home’s equity is even more exciting. When you can upgrade your life and your finances at the same time, there’s not really a much better position to embrace.  

When you and the family sit down to decide upon your next home improvement project, make certain you’re choosing the best renovation to build your equity. Here is a quick look at some of the best home renovation projects for adding value to your property.  

Work on curb appeal

The outside of your home matters in terms of worth and sellability. That means that your home’s curb appeal has a significant impact on the equity of the property.  If your yard is overgrown and your siding is green with buildup, your home won’t be quite as desirable to buyers.  

There are some simple things you can do to boost your home’s exterior. Try planting a few trees and treating the lawn with fertilizers. The trees will look nice while simultaneously keeping your home cooler beneath the hot sun of summer.  

Work to build efficiency

An energy efficient home is much more appealing to buyers than the alternative. The 21st century means that your home should have Energy Star appliances, energy efficient windows, foam insulation, and even a smart thermostat.  

It’s always worth the investment to boost your home’s energy efficiency. It will save you money in the long run, and you can get tax incentives for the upgrades.  There’s no downside to upgrading efficiency.  

Adding square footage helps

Anytime you can effectively increase the living area of your home, you can add value to the overall worth of the property.  Spend your efforts finishing up the attic, or perhaps turn your cluttered basement into a stylish man cave that you enjoy! If you add a bedroom, your equity will make an impressive increase.  

Remodel the kitchen 

Remodeling the kitchen in your home will benefit your sticker price and your quality of living.  The kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas in any home, so it makes sense to invest in its polishing.  

You don’t have to do a full kitchen remodel to up the stakes. Try refurbishing the existing cabinets and countertops, slap a new coat of paint on the walls, and upgrade the appliances to Energy Star efficient products.  

Upgrade your garage door 

If your home has the luxury of a garage, fixing up the entry to the structure can work wonders for the property’s value.  Install a new garage door, and choose the one that complements the aesthetic of the rest of the house. Adding a new garage door is a relatively inexpensive way to effectively boost your curb appeal and your equity at the same time.