May 1, 2021 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

Why Are Laundry Sinks So Expensive?

If you are looking to remodel and restyle your laundry space then you may very well have run into some of the pretty high prices being charged for laundry sinks. It is often taps which have a reputation for being high cost, but the reality is that the trough too can set you back a pretty penny. Unfortunately in many cases, an individual’s budget dictates the level of style that can be created in a space such as the laundry, and setting a good chunk of money aside for the sink is important.

Here are the factors which go into the cost of a laundry sink and why they are often so pricey.

Materials Used For The Sink

One of the biggest cost factors when it comes to the laundry sink is the materials which are used in making it. Traditionally low cost materials such as stainless steel were used to create sinks for this space, but they don’t offer much in the way of design aesthetic. If you are simply looking to set up a functional laundry then this can be a great option. However, once you get into materials such as granite, clay, copper, ceramic tile and stone sinks, the costs begin to rise.

Size & Usage of the Sink

Laundry sinks see a far greater range of usage than a kitchen or bathroom sink, and often they come in a much larger size. In many of the cases the accompanying laundry taps are also bought with these various usage needs in mind, such as the addition of a hose for rinsing. The laundry sink also usually needs to be deep due to the multi-use nature of it. This large size and amount of material required, all plays a factor in the overall costs.

Increased Focus On Style

Supply and demand is a key factor in the management of pricing, and in recent years there has been a bigger shift towards people looking to make their laundry stylish. Owing to this growing demand, manufacturers and stores have recognized an opportunity to make new and more innovative sinks. This is not to say that all laundry sinks will blow your budget, but it should be noted that many of the new sinks have an increased price due to higher quality & new materials being incorporated into the manufacturing process.

Letting Cost Drive Style

As previously adhered to the money you have to spend, will dictate the level of style which you can bring to the laundry space. But with the large range of laundry sinks available in the market there are plenty of options to suit any individual’s budget & style preferences. It is important however to not sacrifice quality for cost, as a laundry sink needs to be highly functional and therefore durable & reliable.

The key to figuring out which laundry sink works for your home is to first set your budget, and then find the laundry taps and sinks which fit in with individual needs & your budget.