December 9, 2020 0 Comments Industrial/Construction

Canbec Construction – How The Construction Industry wIll Change Post Covid

We are all only too well aware of the damage which this year’s pandemic has had on the world of business and so many industries will have been completely changed as a result of Covid-19 and the consequential problems which it has caused. One particular industry where we can anticipate changes is in the world of construction, which has been it hard by this year’s events. A friend of mine works for Canbec Construction and I was asking him recently about how he thinks that the world of construction is going to look once this is over.

Whilst it is not all doom and gloom, it is clear that there will be some big changes in this industry in particular, and these are some of the things that we are likely to see coming on the horizon.

Less Contracts

A construction site will usually have a number of contractors but there will also be large percentage of people working on the site who are on the payroll. Given the uncertainty around so many projects and given the fact that constructions companies will have no idea how much work they are going to have on, they are going to have to decrease the payroll and increase he number of contractors in order to minimize exposure.

Slower Builds

There will be so many projects which are going to be canceled and that means less builds and more time between builds for many construction companies. This stands to reason of course as so many people who had looked to build their own homes, may not be feeling the pinch and that will result in them cancelling that idea and staying where they are now.

New Home Approach

Over the last decade we have seen a huge shift in the types of homes which were being built, and we were very much moving towards more minimalistic design, and small properties. This is something which looks set to really ramp up following the pandemic as many will look at ways in which they can downsize in order to better manage their property and their finances. There was already an indication that a shift such as this may occur, although many in the construction world would not have anticipated that it would happen so soon.

New Trends

There is no doubt that the pandemic will change the way in which people think about their properties and this will change customer trends. What we can expect to see is people looking for more outdoor areas, the scarcity of which they will have been reminded of during this pandemic. We are also going to see people looking to build using different materials which are more hygienic. This pandemic will have made a mark in people’s minds and they will be reminded of this in the future when it comes to getting a home built or renovated.

All industries will change as a result of this pandemic, of that there is no doubt.