October 27, 2020 0 Comments Business

Five common causes of workplace injuries

We, unfortunately, spend a lot of our waking hours working so there’s a chance we could end up in some form of accident at work. Sometimes these incidents can be small, harmless and no one’s fault but our own. However, there will be some circumstances in which you won’t be at fault and someone else is to blame.

There are specific types of workplace accidents that will be more recurrent than others, so you should be aware of these to prepare yourself for such situations so they don’t affect you. Below are some of the most common causes you may come across:


It’s important that employees turn up to work physically prepared. Not getting enough sleep can lead to inattention, exhaustion and accidents. Remember that even those people who are well-rested can get tired while they’re working, so it’s essential for them to take a break at regular points or when needed.

Poor housekeeping

A messy workplace will be a dangerous one. Items that are left cluttering the floor can become tripping hazards, while messy worktops can hide any sharp objects. Poorly-contained chemicals will be a problem, of course, while dirty or wet floors can lead to slips. Apart from removing dangers, your good housekeeping will set an example for other safety precautions.

Trips and falls

This is still a major problem, and is continually one of the top causes of injuries in the workplace. Contributing factors include employees rushing, improper footwear, slippery floors and even weather conditions. Employees should be trained in relevant safety information, and should check their workplace physical conditions meet the correct standards, which will then reduce the number of injuries within the group.

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Motor vehicle accidents

These types of accidents are very common, so it’s important that people know how to drive safely. This can include taking road safety courses and ensuring seatbelts are worn to keep drivers safe. Programs can even incorporate defensive driving, where the driver can take action with more confidence when they come across sudden road hazards (for example, after hitting a patch of black ice or getting a flat tire on high-speed roads). There are also cost benefits, including lower insurance costs, fewer accidents and less money being spent on repairs.


Electrical accidents are common and, while there’s a great variety of reasons why they might happen, they could be prevented with proper care, attention and awareness around electrical facilities. Programs about electrical safety will prevent accidents, highlighting what electricity does, how serious accidents can occur, and what people can do to protect themselves and others. Some employers may think it’s fine to have a policy that states employees don’t work around energized sources, but the employer should have an electrical safety program in place that meets appropriate legislation.