May 18, 2021 0 Comments Business

How to show your employees you care

Your employees work hard to keep your business running. It’s important to show them that you appreciate their efforts, not just with gifts, but by letting them know they matter in other ways. 

Here are five tips on how to show your employees you care, make it easier for them to support your business, and help grow your company.

1. Show you care about their personal life

Whether you have a small or large team, it’s important to show employees you care about them as people. Next time you’re in the office of one of your reports, ask them about recent personal events or non-work related topics. 

Also, take time to learn more about their family and what makes each of your team members unique and special. This will help to create an atmosphere where they feel their work is appreciated.

2. Make time for your employees

Some of you may be in a position where there are no direct reports, or you may be one of the lucky ones that have some time to chat with your employees on a daily or even weekly basis. 

Regardless, make time for your employees as often as you can. A regular check-in not only shows them that you care but also allows you to identify issues early and address them before they become larger problems.

3. Little things matter

The best way to demonstrate that you care about your employees is to make a point of showing them every day that you understand the importance of their work and how it contributes to the team.

Little things matter, anything from a quick-lunch invitation from the boss or a handwritten “thank you” or even a birthday card sent by email. Besides, as long as these trivial benefits cost you £50 or less to provide, isn’t cash/vouchers, isn’t a reward for their work or performance and isn’t in the terms of their contract, you don’t need to pay tax or National Insurance, or even declare it to HMRC.

4. Make mental and emotional wellbeing a priority

Mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health. To ensure your employees are able to do a brilliant job for you, enable them to take time out of the office to nurture their minds and hearts. 

By scheduling morning yoga sessions, providing on-site childcare, offering volunteering opportunities, and organising regular team-building retreats, you will have happier employees that are more likely to help contribute to your company’s success.

5. Honesty and transparency are essential

This might be the most important trait you can show your employees. No one expects a company to be perfect. And in fact, many will overlook minor errors and glaring omissions if the company acts with modesty and honour. 

Keep employees updated on any changes going on in your business, and you’ll have no problem managing their performance. So, be honest about your shortcomings, ask for forgiveness when you’re wrong, and give credit where it’s due.


Employee morale is an important factor to consider when planning to expand and grow your business. One way of keeping your employees satisfied is by showing them that you care.This means going the extra mile to make sure that they are comfortable at work and do not suffer from stress and fatigue that may lead to reduced productivity or, even worse, employee turnover.

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