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It’s The Law: What To Do After A Car Accident

There are an array of various legal repercussions regarding vehicle collisions on the road.  The key is to arm yourself with knowledge concerning the legal implications of an accident, and keep your actions within the bounds of the law.  

The overwhelming collateral damage of a car accident is the reason why laws have been so strategically formulated.  Someone always gets hurt to some degree when there is a car accident, and the legal outlines are in place to help level out the tough situation.  

That being said, it helps to be very clear on what your responsibilities are (according to the law) in the event of an auto accident.  Here is a brief look at some things you should always remember after you have been in a wreck.  

Check the status of everyone in your vehicle

Immediately following a vehicle accident, check yourself for injuries.  If you are okay, move on to the next person in your car.  

Go through each individual, and make sure no one is severely injured.  However, this isn’t always a possibility. If you are in a major accident, just sit tight.  Wait for the local authorities to arrive.  

Move your vehicle to a safe place

If everyone in your vehicle is okay, you may be able to move your vehicle out of the path of traffic.  If you can, it’s much safer to move to the side of the road. It’s not illegal to move your vehicle after an accident if it means that it’s safer for everyone.  

Call the local authorities 

Notify the police as soon as you can.  It’s almost certain that someone else has already reported the accident, but you cannot rely on the actions of others in this situation.  Make the phone call.  

Bystander apathy is something that has caused the death of many people over the years, and you don’t want to be a part of the trend.  Always notify the authorities if you are in an accident.  

Gather information from others involved

If you want to do your due diligence regarding the accident, you should work to collect as much information from the scene as you possibly can.  Your insurance company will be grateful for the assistance.  

Also, if the other drivers involved fail to satiate their responsibility in an auto accident, your lawyer will need all the information he/she can get.  The idea is not to cause a legal battle, but it is often unavoidable. 

Notify your insurance agent

After you have spoken with local authorities and the accident has been sorted out, make a phone call to your auto insurance agent.  You need to notify your carrier, so they can begin working on your insurance claim as soon as possible.