October 30, 2021 0 Comments Education

Learn Tech Skills for a New Career at San Francisco Bay University

With coding becoming a standard in most job fields, it’s no surprise that tech jobs continue to grow and evolve. One of the most stable and promising is software developer, which Forbes ranks as #4 for top jobs in America (behind physician, pharmacist, and dentist). The skills required for this position are diverse, including both front-end development and back-end development, depending on the industry.

If you’re interested in entering the tech field but don’t have a degree or background in computer science, some universities offer opportunities for career advancement through their academy programs. San Francisco Bay University is one of them; they’ve developed an AAS curriculum in Software Development that serves as a solid foundation for those who don’t have any prior tech education. 

In this program, students will learn the basics of working with Web and Mobile apps, including designing and developing applications that can be used on Google Play or Apple’s App Store. They’ll also gain experience in coding with Java, JavaScript, HTML5 – and more. By the end of the program, they will have developed a portfolio that can be used to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

If you’re currently in high school or are considering alternative education options like homeschooling or online learning, this program might be perfect for you; it was designed with flexibility in mind. Students at SF Bay University are taught using a hands-on approach that incorporates group work and student collaboration into the lesson plan, allowing them to learn from their peers as well as the instructor.

And since this program is designed for those with little or no experience in coding or software development, you can rest easy knowing that your tuition will be refunded entirely if you’re unable to complete the program and graduate. It’s not every school that offers such a generous return policy – and it speaks to SF Bay University’s commitment to your success as a software developer.

“We’re dedicated to teaching people to code, regardless of their background or previous experience,” said Director of Enrollment Jeremy Bartlett. “We will work with you – 1-on-1, if necessary – to ensure that you’re able to complete your degree.”

Another area where SF Bay University excels is affordability. Tuition for this program is just $5,000, which means that completing it doesn’t have to be a costly or cumbersome process. That’s one-fifth of what most universities charge for their coding degree programs, making SF Bay University one of the most economical solutions available today.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality education that’s affordable – true, marketable skills at an excellent value,” said Bartlett. “And based on the number of students who have received their diploma from us, I think we’re accomplishing this.”

“Most students complete the program in 18 months, or sooner,” said Bartlett. “Which means that they can begin applying for jobs and enjoying higher earning potential within 6-9 months of enrolling.”

In closing, he said, “If you’re serious about gaining tech skills for a new career, I’d recommend that you take the first step and request information today. There’s no obligation – but once you see what we have to offer, I’m confident that you’ll want to take the next step toward changing your life.”