March 18, 2022 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Now on Indiegogo: Dorsi Trainer, The Basic Posture Corrector

Interior shoulder tilt rounds your shoulders and spine, causing an aesthetically unpleasing posture. Plus, keeping up this poor posture for long periods of time can impart lasting change on the body. But posture correcting devices on the market only give temporary relief, and don’t solve the problem at its core.

That’s why Dorsi Trainer, the basic posture corrector, have launched their campaign on Indiegogo. Instead of spending hundreds on a massage chair, Dorsi Trainer fixes your posture and exercises your back muscles with added portability and less cost. You can use Dorsi Trainer while sitting, standing, after a workout, at home, in the office – anywhere! If you don’t have the time, money, or motivation to go to the gym, then Dorsi Trainer can provide you with the stretching and muscle care you need in a super convenient package.

Dorsi Trainer uses low-frequency EMS stimulation to improve posture and exercise your muscles. Plus, if you just place the pad on your back, it’ll start working automatically. So you can just take the pad with you without the posture band to get a great workout. Also, operating the device with the remote control is a cinch; and it’s completely wireless, so you can train anytime, anywhere.

Dorsi Trainer’s EMS sends microcurrents throughout the entire body, improving circulation by stimulating key areas. Invented to give astronauts the strong muscles they need to fly into space, EMS can be used in this time of increased inactivity for both muscle strengthening and massage purposes. 

With great wearability, Dorsi Trainer lets you tap into more consistent care. Plus, the butterfly-inspired design isn’t bad on the eyes, either. The elastic bands relax your muscles and contract your back muscles, opening up your bent-over posture and making it straight and proper. These exercise techniques are gaining traction among trainers and athletes in the US and Western Europe, due to their training and therapeutic capabilities.

Dorsi Trainer is simple to use. First, connect the main body to the pad. Remove the gel patches from the protective film, then place on the targeted area. Then, wear Dorsi Trainer like you would a backpack, and finish by tying the belt around your waist.

Hold the power button for two seconds to turn the product on. When the power is on, a red light will flash, and when the product is off, the light will turn off, too.

You can cycle through Dorsi Trainer’s 6 modes with the MODE button. The STRONG button will increase the intensity, and the WEAK button will reduce the intensity. There are nine total levels of intensity. You can pause the device whenever you want, though the recommended duration is 15 minutes.

Dorsi Trainer comes with the main body, muscle pads, gel patches, bands (shoulder/waist), USB charging port (Micro B), and manual, weighing in at 460 grams, or just over 1 pound.

Dorsi Trainer – the one and only intelligent exercise device – launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this March.