December 20, 2020 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Reasons to Buy CBD Oil, Austin TX Store Owner Explains

When it comes to CBD oil Austin TX business owner Michael Beddington know a thing or two about it and we were having a chat with him last week about the many benefits of this product. Michael managed to get his store opened post-pandemic although even during the lockdown he has been able to continue the business thanks to home deliveries. Michael is someone who extolls the virtues of using this product for many reasons and whilst he does concede that not all claims have yet been substantiated with regards to CBD and things that it can help with, there is more than enough evidence to support the things which it certainly can help with. And this is what has been proven so far.


the only FDA approved drug which features CBD as an ingredient is for epilepsy sufferers, and int is in the main aimed towards children and young adults. The drug has been shown to help reduce epilepsy related seizures down to zero, an incredible breakthrough. This is thanks to the way in which the neural pathways are opened thanks to the CBD oil and it is a fascinating drug that is helping out kids all over the country.

PTSD and Anxiety Related Issues

Another major breakthrough which has been made when studying CBD is the way in which this product is able to greatly help those who have anxiety issues or those who are suffering from PTSD. In the case of the latter we have seen an abundance of ex soldiers use this product in order to minimize the after effects of a traumatic event. Furthermore there are a wide number of people who have been involved in major accidents who have suffered from PTSD and who also depend on CBD products to help them with their anxiety issues and to minimize the traumatic flashbacks.

Deep Pain

Medical marijuana has been used for a number of years now to help those who have deep pain caused by diseases such as cancer and now we understand that it is the presence of CBD in those prescriptions which were helping to minimize the pain. CBD is able to do this because of its anti-inflammatory properties and this is why many are now looking to use CBD to aid them with joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and diseases such as cancer.


Unlike THC, CBD is a cannabinoid which offers no psychoactive effects but it does help greatly in the relaxation of both the mind and the body. This is why so many will look to use these products in order to help them to both get to sleep and to enjoy a high quality sleep throughout the night. Those who are not able to sleep well have found that in CBD products they can change this, one of the few products on the market which actually works to this end.

These are currently the main reasons why people are taking CBD.