July 25, 2019 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Dr. Kami Hoss – How to Get Your Kids Excited About Dentistry

Here in San Diego and California there is a huge amount of attention placed on dental health and as someone who has traveled a lot I can honestly say that we take it far more seriously in this community than many countries around the world do, don’t get me started on those Brits! Unfortunately for many parents here in California, most people do not start taking their dental health seriously until they are in their latter teenage years. I went to see my dentist last week, the impeccable Dr. Kami Hoss, and we were talking about this very subject as he is currently working on a drive to get more kids interested in both their own dental health, and becoming dentists in the future. Dr. Kami Hoss had some great ideas for how to get more kids interested in what happens inside their mouth, and here are some of his initiatives. 


Despite what many people think kids love to have a routine and if you can incorporate oral hygiene into their daily routine then this can greatly help them to look after their teeth. The earlier that you start with this routine the easier it will be and the more probable it is that your kids will continue this as they get older. 

Making it Fun 

As parents we have to ensure that we add an element of fun to oral hygiene, which is actually easier than you may think. Kids love to enjoy themselves and that is why you need to inject a little bit of fun into brushing their teeth. There are a number of ways in which you can do this from buying fruity flavored toothpaste to buying toothbrushes will all kinds of flashing lights, bells and whistles on them. If you want to make it a game you can brush your teeth with them and see who lasts longest, rather than who finishes quickest. 


We have to educate our children on the products which can be damaging to teeth. Sugars and sugary drinks are something which our kids seem to crave but if we are able to show them from a young age the very real damage that it can do, and shocking tactics work here too, then we can hopefully educate them on why they should avoid such products. 


Another great idea for kids to have fun with their teeth is to give each tooth a name, kids do this all of the time with their toys and there is no reason why they cannot do the same with their teeth. Naming their teeth adds a human quality to what they have in their mouth and they will ensure that they keep their ‘friends’ nice and clean each and every day. 

These are just some ideas for how you can get your kids more interested in oral hygiene, why not give it a try?