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Carter Boyle Duke Senior on The NBA Stars Who Inspire

Duke University and Duke basketball in particular is right in the spotlight at the moment since the dizzying rise of Zion Williamson, potentially one of the greatest freshmen to have ever found their way into the NBA. Carter Boyle Duke senior has been involved in the basketball side of things since joining the college and he spoke with us to break down student life and who they all aspire to be when they join the Blue Devils. 

Student Life 

Student life at Duke isn’t the madness which you see from other colleges, there is a heavy focus on getting work done and achieving high grades, a strong focus on fun extra-curricular activities and the student body is friendly and hard-working. The heartbeat of the university is the sports teams and whether you are playing or watching, everyone comes alive come game time. As a basketball student, these are the players who’s footsteps you want to follow in. 

Christian Laettner (88-92)

Laettner’s fingerprints are all over this university and he is considered as one of the greatest to have ever worn a Blue Devils jersey. Throughout the gym and the halls of Duke you’ll find photos and awards named in his honor and he can widely be considered as one of the greatest college players of all time. Laettner lead the Blue Devils to 4 Final Fours and won 2 NCAA Championships during his time here. Laettner’s buzzer beater against Kentucky in 92 has gone down in Duke history and the college was elated when he was drafted by the Hawks where he played for 13 seasons. 

Shane Battier (97-01)

Duke has a reputation for making players who hustle hard on the court and nobody personified that more than Shane Battier. Battier would bully his opponents into submission and is easily one of the best defensive players which Duke has ever had. Battier has more career steals than any other Duke player and he is 3rd for blocks in the university’s history. During his time for the Blue Devils Battier amassed 1984 points and a huge 887 rebounds which makes it easy to see why he was so desired by the NBA. 

J.J. Reddick (02-06)

After the hustle and power of Battier the Blue Devils needed some excitement and that is exactly what they got with J.J. Redick a pacy and skillful player who brought the fun back to basketball at Duke. Reddick holds the NCAA record for most 3 pointers made during his college career with 457 and he was known as one of Duke’s greatest ever clutch players. Reddick walked into the NBA and was drafted by the Magic where things didn’t start so well. That Duke spirit stayed with Reddick however and he has worked his butt off to get himself into the position as starter, he now plays week in and week out. 

What is the scariest prospect of these guys, is that Zion looks set to be the man who will eclipse them all.