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Top Places To Visit On Your Road Trip Through California

The sunshine of California draws millions of travelers and tourists every year, and there’s no denying the reason for the hype.  California is diverse in populations, cultures, landscapes, and nearly every other element.  

The worst thing about road tripping through California is that there’s just so much to see and do that you can’t do it all in one trip.  However, you can hit the highlights. Check out a brief look at some of the top places to visit on your road trip through Cali, and make some unforgettable memories this year.  

Experience the history of Sacramento

If you’re a history enthusiast, traveling to Sacramento will enrich your love for the things that were.  Divert your route, and drive safely through the city taking in all of the historic sights. Careful not to take your eyes off the road for too long.  

You don’t want to be stuck handling a car accident in Sacramento, California.  You may find yourself in a less than desirable situation, and you’ll miss out on the Old Sacramento State Historical Park.  

Travel through the forests of Yosemite National Park 

The granite cliff sides of Yosemite tell the story of millions of years of geological evolution.  You can’t drive through California without stopping at Yosemite National Park.  

Enjoy flowing natural waterfalls, fresh rolling streams, and patches of giant sequoia trees while you hike or bike through the countless trails and paths edged into the landscape.  If you want a more challenging hike, try trekking your way up to Half Dome. 

Enjoy the great outdoors in Lake Tahoe

It’s the time of year to enjoy being outside, and those who love hiking, biking, and canoeing should head on over to Lake Tahoe in California.  You can fish, enjoy various watersports, and sunbathe with the gorgeous lakeside scenery as the backdrop.  

Try visiting Kings Beach on the north end of Lake Tahoe, and spend your vacation swimming, boating, kayaking, and paddle-boarding.  There’s plenty to keep you stimulated if you choose to spend your time around Lake Tahoe. 

See the coastline of Mendocino

Mendocino, California provides a unique vantage point of the Golden State.  Sheer cliffs meet tumultuous surfs on the coast of Mendocino.  You’ll get the best full-bodied images of the California coastline by perching yourself among the scenery.  

Travel highway one through Big Sur 

Big Sur is another piece of mountainous coastline that will give you the feeling of being in another world.  Along a 90-mile stretch of the well-known Pacific Coast Highway, Big Sur’s route begins just below Carmel on the map, and it ends at San Simeon.  You’ll have plenty of time to see the sights with at least an hour of travel time.