August 4, 2021 0 Comments Tech

Why Build Your Own is the New Bespoke

The hobby and do-it-yourself technology sectors have seen remarkable growth in recent months. As many of us have spent more time at home or have had to adapt our home environment to an office environment, the growth in technology that enables and facilitates these kinds of activities has become the next big thing. This article will discuss how you too can begin to get involved in this modern means of innovation and the specific technical aspects that will allow for tech and creativity to create the next trend in bespoke product personalization and design and innovation.

The increase in demand for bespoke items

The handcraft, personalized gift, and one-off production sectors have grown in recent years as consumers become savvier and more aware of what they want and need. Whether it is for the gift market or the hobby and design sector, consumers want to know that they have something that no one else does. This trend has been significantly felt in the tech sector, and it is now possible for you to build your own as the ultimate in bespoke technology and design. For this, you will need to know the following basics.

3D printing

This form of creativity and design has become more widespread as it has become more affordable and easier to set up. The applications are wide and varied, and it should be the starting point for the designers and innovators out there. With the advances in CAD software and the variety of materials (plastic or metals) that can be printed, it is now possible to make the widest range of 3D printed objects than ever before. Furthermore, each print is unique to the actual 3D design allows for the most bespoke of items to be created.

Electric design and prototyping

Electronic product design is at the forefront of innovation. Creating a working prototype is one of the first steps, which can now be done with the variety of design applications and hardware readily available. The range of transistor assortment is the best it has ever been for small tech and electrical design prototyping. In addition, the components are now smaller and more readily available, with guidance and instruction on their use and applicability for your specific requirements.

Product and part design

Never has it been easier to design and make products or parts. Whether it is simply using the processes and systems as aforementioned or outsourcing the manufacturing of a prototype, available technology, and cloud computing means that it is now, more than ever, a distinct possibility to monetize a design hobby. Manufacturing processes have improved in leaps and bounds, and once you have a viable prototype, it is simple to find a producer who will be able to produce what you want in the quantities you need.

Building your own PC from the case inwards to being able to make unique gifts with the eventual possibility of monetization has become a reality for many out there and is a trend that is likely to only gather pace as technology improves and develops.