January 22, 2021 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

3 Home Improvement Projects That Are Good for Your Health

Your home is the place where you should be the most comfortable. It is where you and your family unwind, relax, and find your oasis from the rest of the world. It is, therefore, the place where you should feel the safest and most secure. That being said, if you are not taking the right measures to ensure that your home is protected against certain things, it might not be the healthiest atmosphere for you and your family to be in.

Certain dangers can arise within the home that can pose threats to your health and your family’s health. Thankfully, there are many preventative measures that you can take to rid your home of these threats and maintain the healthiest environment possible for yourself and any other occupants.

Here are three home improvement projects that you should look to complete that are good for your overall health and wellness.

1. Rodent Proofing

Many health risks are associated with the presence of rodents in your home. Their droppings can pollute the air quality of your home and bring about illness and disease. Aside from that, though, their penchant for chewing on wires and other things to which they are not meant to have access can result in a fire or other serious damage to your home.

To protect yourself against such pests, you should look to bring in a professional company specializing in rodent proofing. Companies like the Attic Projects Company can assist you with this important project so that you can rest easy knowing that rodents will not be able to invade your home and cause those serious issues.

2. Cleaning Out Ductwork

The ductwork in your home plays an important role in providing you and your family with the comfortable environment that you want. From running cold air throughout your home in the summer to warming it up throughout the winter months, your ductwork is pretty much always on the job. That being said, do you know when the last time you had it cleaned out was?

Cleaning out your ductwork every three to five years is important to maintaining good air quality in your home as well as your overall respiratory health. Even if you are in the habit of changing out your HVAC filters when you should, having your ductwork cleaned on a routine basis is important.

3. Adding More Natural Light

There is no denying the health benefits associated with exposure to natural light. Sunlight promotes vitamin D production in the body, a vitamin that contributes to immune strength and energy levels. 

If your home does not have much natural light throughout it, you should consider installing more or even larger windows to let the sun shine in. Another added benefit to this home improvement project is that natural light is a big selling feature in a resale event. If you are a single-floor home a skylight is a great alternative to let the light in. Adding vertical blinds will also help you moderate the light to the right levels as well.