March 17, 2020 0 Comments Auto, Travel

5 Steps to Plan a Campervan Holiday

Finally, you’ve decided to go on a campervan holiday! A great decision, one you certainly won’t regret. Consider a campervan a home on wheels, allowing for a comfortable adventure. But before you can take this adventure, there are several steps you must take. Planning ahead will allow you to relax more during the journey itself, and enjoy the moment. So here are the 5 important steps to planning your next campervan holiday!

1.  Choose the Date

When will your holiday take place? You could take a summer holiday, and tour the country. Somewhere warm where you can enjoy the sunshine! Or to avoid the crowds, head on a campervan holiday off-season. Check upcoming bank holidays, or simply enjoy a long weekend! Winter trips can also be delightful, but be sure to bring an electric heater and spare blankets. Spring or Fall are usually preferred, as these have less tourists but slightly warmer weather. Just keep in mind that the weather can change, so always be prepared! Pack a raincoat and umbrella.

2.  Book a Campervan

An obvious one, but certainly necessary for a campervan holiday. Organise your campervan hire so that you know what you have to work with. Will you go for a large Swift motorhome or a cosy VW? How many sleeping places?

3.  Choose a Destination

Where will you go in your campervan? You could stay local, to explore where you live better, a true staycation. Or you could head north or south, explore new places and tick some items off your bucket list. You could also go abroad with your campervan, and visit a new country! Scotland is a great place, with road trips such as the North Coast 500. Or you could head to France, a popular destination with plenty to explore and enjoy!

4.  Plan the Route

You know where you’re going, when you’re going and how you’re going. But now, it’s time for specific logistics. While it’s important not to overplan and allow room for improvising, having a route can save you stress later. Plan where you’d like to end up each day. Also consider if you’ll stay at campsites or wild camp, and look up a few options along your route. This allows you to choose your driving time daily but still know where to stop.

5.  Make a Packing List

In the excitement of a holiday, it can be easy to forget things! Avoid forgetting anything important by making a packing list before your trip. Write down everything you need to bring, even the most obvious items. For a campervan holiday, this includes cooking items, first aid kits and more. Check what will be supplied in your campervan rental, so that you don’t have two of the same. Bring items for a rainy day, in case you’re stuck in the van for a few hours. Especially if you’ll be travelling with young children. This could be books, games or a laptop to watch a film on. Better safe than sorry is the best motto!