October 28, 2019 0 Comments Tech

Elements Of A Well-Built Business Website

If you’re trying to learn what it is that makes a business website work, you’ll find everything you need to know online.  The web is a gold mine of information regarding the subject of website design, and the right article will reveal just what web users look for as they surf.  

Start your enlightenment process right now.  Take a few moments to read through a brief summary of some of the most important elements of a well-built business website.  

An easy to follow layout

Web users won’t bother with a confusing site layout.  Most people will simply move on to the next best result.  Creating a layout that is simple to follow and intuitive in its design will help retain the engagement of web users.  

Use a stationary navigation bar to make movement easy.  Make sure your links are a large enough font for easy clicking or tapping, and dig up a few other ways to create an easy to use site.  

Incorporate elements of SEO

Search engine optimization is the collective art of designing digital content that makes an impact on Google search algorithms.  Commit the concepts of SEO to memory if you’re going to take part in the digital marketing and branding of your company.  

When you build new content, whether it’s for your website or something else, you should always keep the SERPs (search engine results pages) in mind.  The higher you rank in the SERPs when users search relevant terms, the more likely you are to make a meaningful connection.  

Add a blog section to your website 

Adding a blog section to your business website gives visitors more to explore when they land on your domain.  Fill your blog with relevant posts, and teach readers something new about your industry.  

For example, say you’re in an industrial line of business.  Your blog posts should have something to do with your industry.  This industrial pump fabricator posted a blog about how to read a pump curve.  

You wouldn’t search terms that would bring that post up unless you were interested in that particular industry. Blogging is a way to reach a very specific audience.  

Build a mobile-friendly website

It’s important to create mobile-friendly digital content.  Mobile users are the majority online, so it is essential that you make accommodations for the mobile community.  

If you’re not sure what it takes to mobilize your content, delve into the specifics immediately.  Your pages should display correctly on a smaller screen, and your interactive elements should be easily manipulated on a touch screen.  

Link your pages to social media 

You should know that social media is one of the most influential digital outlets you can utilize.  Your business will always benefit from a proper social media link, so don’t miss an opportunity to link your organization to the most popular platforms.