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Four tips for hosting a memorable event

Most people have to host an event at least once in their life. You might have to plan your wedding, organize a bachelorette party for your closest friend, or even host a sales conference for your business. Whatever the reason, you want to ensure that all your guests enjoy your event, seeing it as a memorable occasion that is remembered for years down the line. Read on to discover four tips for hosting a memorable event. 

1. Location

Location is everything when it comes to an event. Whilst your community center or local bar no doubt provides great event spaces. You could take it one step further and find a spectacular event space for a party that your guests won’t forget in a hurry. For instance, you could search your local area for a mansion or museum that rents out event rooms. Alternatively, an event hosted outside will provide an exciting atmosphere and plenty of naturally beautiful photograph backdrops, making for the perfect selfie.

2. Food

Most events involve some kind of catering, whether that is a sit-down meal or a buffet, and you might like to wow your guests by creating a fancy menu. Hire a chef who will be able to serve guest their food with a fancy presentation that will have them all reaching for their phones. Remember, too, to provide a variety of dietary options – you don’t want a guest who is vegan to be sat there nibbling on lettuce leaves. You might also want to organize a spectacular culinary centerpiece, for instance, a celebration cake or chocolate fountain, for a fun and Instagrammable dessert option. 

3. Drink 

The drink is another massively important element of a successful party. Check out eventbartenders.com to hire a bartender who will ensure that all your guests have access to their favorite tipple at all times, whether that is a bottle of chilled beer or a perfectly crafted cocktail. Make sure too that there is a wide selection of appetizing soft drinks designated drivers and those who don’t drink alcohol. You should also make the decision how much complimentary alcohol you will provide – an open bar can potentially get messy, so you might decide to put a cap on this. 

4. Entertainment

Events are great opportunities for people to catch up with old friends, and while most people will be happy talking, it’s also a good idea to provide some entertainment for a memorable evening and to keep the interest up. Background music can help to set a relaxed ambience, and you might decide further into the event to have a live band or DJ, encouraging guests to take to the dance floor. Or you could book a slightly more unusual entertainment choice for your event. How about a magician or acrobats for a mysterious circus-themed event? Or, if you want a star-studded affair, you could hire a celebrity impersonator or two, and your guests will feel that they are mixing with the stars.