May 24, 2021 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

Modern vs Contemporary Kitchens

When we talk kitchen styles and design, the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are often seen as one and the same. The reality, however, is much different and there are some marked contrasts between each of these styles. Both options are very popular for those remodeling their kitchen and whilst the traditional kitchen was once a common trend, things have changed in recent years.

Depending on what it is that you are looking for, here are the key differences between what is considered as contemporary design and what we view as a modern style.

General Kitchen Theme

In reality the term contemporary genuinely refers to kitchen trends of the moment, but they do have some themes which characterize this style. For example generally these kitchens seek to be minimalist and and sleek. Often we will see dark woods used for cabinets and lighter, bolder bright colors for counters. Contemporary kitchen sinks are often black and come with a creative design.

In contrast the modern kitchen won’t feature as many bold patterns as the contemporary option. Rather, you can expect to find long blocks of colors, one-tone marble splashbacks and matte colors rather than glass mosaics and ceramic options like you’ll see in the contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Sink and Tap Options

The modern kitchen style draws less on creativity than a contemporary style kitchen. When it comes to the sink and kitchen taps for example, these will often be bold in style and color but with a core focus on functionality.

Contemporary kitchens are far more likely to feature large kitchen mixers, and wall mounted taps above the hob to help with cooking. In the current age we may also find these kitchens to feature double or triple bowl sinks, whereas a modern sink looks to be large and fit in snugly with the design of the countertop.

Kitchen Lighting Options

When it comes to lighting we can expect to find understated and purposeful lighting in the modern-style kitchen, with a focus on spotlights and bright illumination.

In the contemporary kitchen however we can certainly expect to find lighting options which are, in themselves, a design feature. Low hanging island lighting and bold chandeliers are not uncommon in this kind of kitchen design.


Whereas a modern kitchen is likely to find ways of hiding the appliances behind faux-doors and under counters, the contemporary kitchen will embrace the technology of today and showcase it front and center. Smart technology on appliances is very much the order of the day and that will be something that is visible, and designed in a way to fit in with the overall style of the kitchen.

It is true that these two kitchen styles are not a million miles away from each other in terms of look and feel. What we should remember, however, is that the modern-look is very much set in stone, whereas the contemporary kitchen is an ever-changing trend that could soon become outdated. This is what to bear in mind when you are looking at remodeling your kitchen area.