April 13, 2021 0 Comments Entertainment

Party Bus Rental Atlanta, What to Expect

When it comes to party bus rental Atlanta has some of the best companies and some of the wildest nights mapped out for you. No matter whether you are celebrating a birthday , an anniversary, a bachelor party or just a standard Friday night, this is the ultimate way in which to enjoy it. The party bus has something for everyone and it is an experience that I would completely recommend. Many people have misconceptions about exactly what the party bus is, so based on my own experience here, this is exactly what you can expect. 

Place to Place

It is possible for you to rent out the party bus and just stay on there all night, but that isn’t always the best way to enjoy it. What we did was selected 4 clubs and bars to stop off at during the course of the evening. What’s so cool about this is that you literally come out of the club and you get straight onto your transportation. Instead of sitting quietly as you wait to arrive at the next destination, the party can continue and it certainly keeps everyone’s spirits up. 

All Taken Care Of

Something which seriously impressed me when we booked the charter bus was that everything on the bus was taken care of for us. We paid a flat rate and then a little extra for certain bits, and then once we arrived on the bus it was all laid out for us. There were fridges with champagne chilling in them, a nice selection of food too so that we could fill up as we rolled around, and there was just a great vibe to the whole bus area. 


I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we first hired the bus, and I was worried that it would basically be a standard bus with the addition of some lighting and some music. I couldn’t have been more wrong here however as the whole bus was totally set for parties. There was seating but it was circular so that everyone could still be together, and there was even a dancefloor which had been cleverly designed at the top end of the bus. This was really cool because it meant that everyone could still mingle, and those who wanted to dance could dance, and those who wanted to sit could sit. 

On Your Own Terms

We really couldn’t have asked for better service and as well as the driver we had someone at the back of the bus with us to make sure that we had all we needed. We were in full control of the music which was great and we changed the route a couple of times, which turned out to be no problem whatsoever. This trip far superseded any expectations which I’d previously had about a party bus and I have to say that we would all be totally up for doing a trip like this again. 

My recommendation is to get your friends together and get that bus rented out!