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5 Tips to Find Shows with Values for Kids

There’s a good deal of garbage on TV, especially when it comes to kids. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good kids shows available. You just have to find them first.

Need help? Then read on. Here are 5 tips to find shows with values for kids.

1. Find Something Educational

Not all kid’s entertainment is educational. Some of it is just random, mindless garbage. We advise keeping your kids away from this sort of programming.

Instead, you should look for a show that’s educational in manner. There are a great many educational kids shows out there, many of which are created by people who are passionate about helping children. For instance, check out this interview with Veggie Tale’s creator Phil Vischer.

2. Skip the Commercials

Does anyone like to watch commercials? If you don’t, your kid probably doesn’t either. And, in fact, a commercial break can completely throw off your child’s concentration, making it difficult for him or her to stay focused on the show that’s in process.

As such, you’re advised to find a way to skip the commercials altogether. You can do this with most streaming platforms, including Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Junior.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Short Episodes or Segments

Kids don’t have long attention spans. You’re not going to be able to entertain them with epics like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ or ‘Citizen Kane’. Instead, you’re advised to find TV shows with short episodes or segments.

Many kid’s shows are broken up into several parts, with each part containing a vastly different storyline from the last. For instance, ‘Sesame Street’ contains anywhere from 5 to 10 parts in every episode.

4. Choose Something That You Don’t Hate

Parenting is about sacrifice. But that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your sanity as well. In fact, your children will best benefit if you keep your head on straight.

So, when choosing a TV show for your child, make sure that you yourself don’t hate it. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing it on repeat, and, at some point, it will start to permeate your nightmares. That’s when the real trouble starts.

5. Browse Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms are goldmines for kids’ television shows. Whether you’re in Netflix, Hulu, Disney Junior, or otherwise, there are abound to be countless hours of programming available.

So, browse through the kid’s section of the streaming platforms that you’re subscribed to and choose some options that look good to you. You’ll be able to tell within a few minutes whether you picked a good program or not. If you didn’t, you can just move on to the next one at no additional charge.

There Are Plenty of Shows With Values for Kids

There are more than a few shows with values for kids. Just use the tips above and you’re sure to find them.

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