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Gift Giving: 10 Unique Gifts to Give the Beer Lover in Your Life

Chances are good that you have at least one beer lover in your life. The beer industry in the U.S. shipped the equivalent of 406 million kegs of beer in 2019 alone, so plenty of people love to pour a cold glass of beer on a regular basis.

Gift giving for the beer lover in your life doesn’t have to be boring. Even if you don’t know the recipient’s favorite beer, there are plenty of general beer-themed gifts that any true fan will love.

Check out these 10 options in our beer lover gift giving guide.

1. Beer Cooler

Make sure your favorite beer lover always has a cold brew available with a mini cooler designed to hold beer bottles or cans. Small soft-sided coolers are easy to take along and store when they’re not in use. They can also be used for other cold items when beer isn’t on the menu.

If you want to go bigger, consider a mini refrigerator where the recipient can store their favorite beer. This option is perfect for a den or home bar.

Make this gift even more appealing by filling it with a variety of beer. Stick with options you know the recipient loves, or pick up a variety of beer options from a local grocery store or brewery.

2. Growler

A growler is a great option for a beer lover who enjoys the selections from a local brewpub. The recipient can take the growler to their favorite breweries to fill up with 64 fluid ounces of their favorite brew.

Growlers come in a range of styles to fit the recipient’s personality, including glass and ceramic options with or without personalization. Insulated growlers keep beer fresh and cold on the go. Carbonated growlers help keep the beer carbonated for weeks to ensure the beer stays fresh if the recipient doesn’t drink it all immediately.

3. Birthday Beer

Beer is the perfect gift for any beer lover, but adding a birthday twist makes it even more special. One example is Happy Birthday Bud Light with 12 cans of beer inside a decorative birthday box. It’s a unique way to say happy birthday and give the birthday person their favorite beer.

4. Home Brewing Kit

Put your beer lover in the driver’s seat with a home brewing kit. Instead of just sipping beer from favorite breweries, the recipient can experiment with making it at home. The kit might be a fun one-time activity, or it could spark a new passion for home brewing that turns into a full-fledged hobby.

If your beer lover already brews beer, consider a gift of new brewing equipment that they don’t have yet. If you’re not sure what equipment they want or need, pick up a variety of beer ingredients so the recipient can try out different recipes with unique malt, yeast, and hops. Another safe option is a gift card to a local store that sells beer brewing supplies.

5. Beer Tasting Trip

An experience gift is an alternative for the beer lover who already has everything. Plan a trip to a local brewery, or make it a weekend getaway to try out a long-distance brewery. You can also give tickets for a beer tasting experience, beer festival, or other similar beer-themed experience.

6. Unique Bottle Opener

If your favorite beer lover prefers brews from bottles, grab a unique bottle opener as a gift. Wall-mounted bottle openers are perfect for home bars. Choose a theme that fits the recipient’s interests, or make it a personalized bottle opener with the person’s name or initials.

Handheld bottle openers also come in a variety of shapes, from dinosaurs and mermaids to favorite Star Wars characters. Consider the recipient’s personality and interests when choosing a handheld bottle opener. You can even find credit card style bottle openers that fit easily into a wallet, so the recipient is always ready to crack open a beer.

7. Custom Beer Glasses

Give your beer lover a unique way to sip their favorite brews with creative or custom beer glasses. Having the recipient’s name or likeness etched into a beer glass is a simple way to customize the drinkware.

You can also look for unique beer glasses that have a creative silhouette or are made out of unique materials. Examples include a German-inspired boot beer mug or a beer glass design to look like a Viking horn.

If the recipient likes to try out different beers, a tasting flight set is a unique gift option. The sets typically come with a board or holder and four small glasses. Some also come with labels or chalkboard tags so you can mark what each variety is.

8. Bottle Cap Holder

Another creative gift for lovers of bottled beer is a bottle cap holder. They’re designed as wall art and come in a variety of shapes, including states, beer bottles, and animals. Bottle cap holders are an ideal wall art option for a home bar area.

Bottle cap holders are often made out of wood and have lots of circles cut out of them. Each circle is perfectly sized to hold a beer bottle cap. The recipient can show off the caps from all of their favorite types of beer.

9. Beer-Infused Food

Combine the recipient’s love of beer with food. Beer-infused hot sauce and beer-infused spice rubs kick up meals with an ale-inspired seasoning option. Coffee with hops, malted barley, and other ingredients traditionally used in beer adds a unique twist to your morning cup of joe.

If the recipient loves to cook, give them a variation on this gift idea with a beer-themed cookbook. A quick search reveals a variety of beer cookbook options to fit the recipient’s style of cooking.

10. Beer of the Month Club

Enroll your beer lover in a beer of the month club for a gift that continues throughout the year. These clubs come at a range of price points with beers from various breweries. You can often choose the number of months you want to gift, which helps you stick to your budget.

Enjoy Gift Giving for Beer Lovers

Gift giving for beer lovers doesn’t have to be boring. With this beer lover gift guide, you can give a creative option that matches your ale lover’s interests.

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