July 25, 2019 0 Comments Education

How The AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews Improved In A Short Space of Time

We all know just how important reviews are for the success of businesses and the same goes for educational institutions and colleges. Around 5 years ago the AMDA college and conservatory of the performing arts reviews were not where the management team wanted them to be and they were worried that this would have an impact on them being able to attract the most gifted young students who wished to pursue a career in the arts. The team set about changing these reputation and here is how they have been able to improve the reviews which they have online. 


At the time the management team and the board didn’t feel as though the reviews which had been left by ex-students were an accurate description of what was actually going on at the college. Despite this belief, AMDA had to accept the criticism and feedback and assume it to be true, in order to move forward and put a more positive spin on things. They set up a small team to address the concerns which had been written about in the reviews. One such issue was that people had said they didn’t feel prepared for the real world, something which the college actually place high importance on when educating their students. Nonetheless they began giving more attention to this aspect of college life

Celebrating Success

The college identified that part of the reason as to why they weren’t being written about with very high praise was perhaps because they don’t do a good enough job at reminding the students just how great a college this is. With this in mind they set out celebrate success far more and they made sure that all of the students at AMDA in both the New York and Los Angeles campuses, were well aware of just how great the college was. 


Given that the team didn’t feel as though these reviews were an accurate description of college life at AMDA, they wanted a larger cross-section of opinions. In order to get this they incentivized students who were in their year in order for them to leave a review. There was absolutely no pressure on any student to leave a positive review, they just wanted an honest appraisal of what they do here at the college. After doing this for 2 years consecutively the truth started to rise and more and more students were eating praise on the college for all manner of things from the ability of the teachers to the accessibility of the campus. 

What I like about how they approached this was that they didn’t just try and find a quick fix or dismiss the poor reviews, they took them head on, tried to solve issues and encouraged more honesty from their students, and it paid off.