April 21, 2021 0 Comments Business

Shift Smart – Why Offices Will Keep On Remote Working

The internet has very much been our savior over the last 12 months as we have been locked down in our homes for so much of it. This is both in regards to keeping us sane, and in regards to helping us continue to work. So many offices have taken advantage of companies like Shift Smart to secure remote working employees, and this is something which is very much going to continue into the future.

Whilst many assumed that offices would going back to normal once the pandemic was over, the reality is that things are very much going to stay as they are. Here is why remote working, in most cases, is going to be the future of office working.

Cost Saving Benefits

Businesses love to save money where they can and that is why remote working is going to very much be here to stay. Businesses can save money on rent, they can save on energy costs and even down to the maintenance and auxiliary staff which they have to keep their business going. These savings will be enormous and that is why offices will not be rushing to reopen. The cost savings don’t stop there however, there are also savings for employees. No longer do employees have to commute and they can also avoid the costs of everyday life in the office.

Increased Levels of Productivity

One big concern which many companies have had is that they were not going to get the same levels of productivity from their staff which they get now. The reality however couldn’t be more different and the truth is that productivity levels actually increase when we have staff working remotely. This is because of the fact that staff feel happier, they feel more comfortable and they are able to get the job done as and when they want to do so. Any business which encourages remote working for their staff will see a huge improvement in productivity levels.

Environmentally Friendly

There are more people than ever before who wish to take steps to better protect the environment. On top of this there are also many companies which have obligations to reduce their carbon footprint. Remote working is a fantastic way for both parties to do this. On the one hand you have the lack of commuting and on the other hand you have the massive reduction in energy which will be used by companies. From a green point of view this is the perfect answer.

Better Work Environment

Working remotely online enables these companies the chance to better manage their people, to stay on top of projects and output and to easily connect the workforce. From a working point of view, these benefits are also extended to employees, who feel more comfortable and much more satisfied in their job role.

There is no doubt at all that offices will not be going back to the traditional way of doing things, it simply doesn’t provide the same benefits which it used to.