September 30, 2021 0 Comments Tech

How To Raise Money Using Technology

Raising money online and using technology to raise money is currently taking the world by storm, regardless of the intentions behind what the money will be used for, whether this is for personal reasons, businesses or charities. More people than ever are trying to use online variations of fundraising and many are proving to be incredibly successful. This article will discuss in more detail the variety of different ways that organizations, people and professionals can raise money using technology

SMS and MMS Text Message Donations 

Text message marketing and SMS fundraising have been found to be some of the most effective tools available to people when it comes to raising money for non-profit organizations as they are very effective channels to get your message across and your intentions out to prospective donors. Texts need to be kept clear, so that people can quickly grasp the message that is being conveyed. If the message is too long or too complicated, people won’t take time to fully understand it. The call to action needs to be simple as well so that people are aware of the most effective way to donate. Again, if the process is complicated, people won’t take the time to give any money. 


Crowdfunding is slowly proving to be one of the best ways available for non-profit organizations and individuals alike to begin to raise money for the various events, causes and projects that they care about. The term (for those who haven’t heard it before) essentially makes use of a non-profit or individual’s existing network of supporters (whether this is through a newsletter, blog or on social media) to begin to raise money. It is very simple to set up a crowdfunding page and then share those pages on whatever sites they engage with their network of supporters on the most. 

A Matching Gift Drive 

This is another effective way to raise more money as a lot of organizations (and even some government schemes) will match the donations of supporters to encourage people to give. Tools can be embedded directly into websites or campaign emails and texts that allow people to sign up for a gift drive. Some campaigns will be able to create a buzz in a similar way by asking local companies to match the donations made on a particular day. A time-sensitive campaign is best for this as most organizations will likely not open themselves up to an unlimited gift drive. 


We use the internet and technology for a range of different reasons, whether this is to promote business, vent our views, connect with friends and family or in this case, raise money. People raise money for a huge variety of causes with the most effective means available today. Some of these means are discussed above and they include the likes of MMS and SMS fundraising, crowdfunding and then also engaging in a gift drive. All of these methods are very effective, but the one that is right for you will vary depending on what you are trying to raise money for.