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Real Estate Property Management – The 5 Components

A property manager is really important for a property. We are talking about an individual that has to wear various hats. When it comes to working with professional property management Corona specialists, there are 5 main components that are covered. This is exactly what we will talk about in the following paragraphs. Whenever you are a landlord and you believe you cannot do all duties in these categories, you have to hire a management firm.

Tenant Placement

During the rental property’s whole lifetime, tenants need to be found. It is the responsibility of the manager to do so. Quickly finding highly responsible tenants is a paramount part of successful rental property management. In order to achieve this, various steps have to be taken and factors have to be taken into account.

Rental Listing

This does sound really simple but most landlords just put a sign and think this will attract tenants. The property manager needs to actively market what is available. You need time so that you can find really good tenants and you have to list the rental before the lease of the current tenant expired. This is if the contract will not be renewed, of course.

Showing The Property

You can only find good tenants after showing the rental property to the parties that are interested. Tenant laws have to all be respected when showing occupied properties. This varies from one state to the next. Sometimes landlords are actually prohibited from showing rental units that are not vacant. In other states, you need to serve a 1-day notice before showing.

As you show the rental property, you have to answer all the questions tenants might have. After the showing is over, property flyers are offered. You have to plan follow-ups after showing so you see if tenants want to move forward or are not interested.

Review Applications

All tenant applications have to be carefully reviewed. The review process guarantees that evaluations fully comply with housing rules. It is always necessary to go through a complete credit and background check, review rental history, contact referrals and make sure that the information provided is accurate. Also, income statements have to be verified so that income is appropriate for the monthly rent.

Reject Or Accept Applicants

Last but not least, if the applicant is determined to be qualified, you need to talk to him and say that the application was accepted. Applicants have a period of time in which a security deposit can be paid, together with other potential move-in fees. When you do this, you have to organize everything so that you offer good guidance, like talking about renter’s insurance.

If you decide that the applicant is not qualified, you have to talk to him/her or at least send written notification. The reason that is listed has to be in compliance with current housing rules.

As you can see, property managers have a lot of work to do while making sure laws are respected. This is not as easy as many believe and needs to be treated seriously.