November 26, 2019 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Three Scientifically Proven Methods to Improve Your Memory

Got an important meeting coming up? Trying to memorize your notes for a big presentation in the boardroom? Feeling increasingly forgetful as you age? If any of the above apply, you’ve probably spent some time wondering if there’s a way to improve your memory and boost your recall. 

While struggling to remember might seem like something you just have to accept, there are actually a number of scientifically proven methods to make it easier, and you’d be surprised by how simple some of them are. 

Here are three to try if you want to make sure you never forget any essential information again. 


Did you know that there are two different places where you store memories: your working memory and your long-term memory? The former acts as your brain’s notepad, taking stock of new information and storing it temporarily until it decides whether or not you’re going to need it. This particular part of your brain is in constant use, and the stronger it is, the easier you’ll find it to keep hold of those little details we so frequently forget. Luckily, there’s a simple way to improve it – one that’s been shown to boost recall in the space of just eight weeks. We’re talking about meditation. While scientists are not sure of exactly how this works, as it actually stops the brain from processing information as actively as it normally would, and the results speak for themselves. 

Play games 

In a lot of ways, memory acts like a muscle, in that the more you use it, the stronger it gets. This is why lots of older people find success with brain training apps, but you don’t need dedicated software to improve your recall. In fact, most games are equally effective, with those that rely on you remembering things being particularly useful. This means that card play that promote strategy, such as poker and blackjack, such as those found on Kitty Bingo games, can stimulate your working memory and deliver positive results. The upside of this is that it doesn’t need to be onerous: with so many enjoyable options out there, it’s possible to turn even your downtime into an opportunity to make remembering easier. 

Drink coffee 

There are lots of different foods that are shown to improve brain function, but if it’s your memory you’re wanting to focus on, none of them can compare with caffeine. According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience in 2014, taking a caffeine pill after completing a learning task was shown to improve recall even up to 24 hours later. This same result can be replicated by having a cup of coffee to hand when you’re trying to commit something to memory, whether it’s revision or a list of pre-prepared answers to interview questions. A word of warning, however: don’t go overboard with your intake, as too much caffeine can cause a spike in anxiety, which makes it difficult to concentrate and can hinder performance.     

Why not give these three top tips a go today to see how you get on?