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Junk Removal vs Dumpster Rental: Which Is the Better Option

If you have a house clean-out or makeover in Omaha, one of the things to take care of is your junk disposal. You have the option to rent a dumpster or hire a professional junk removal service. To determine which one is the best for you, we have listed helpful information about these two options.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental is an easy process. Call your chosen company, choose from the dumpsters available and book the rental for the period that you will need it. The cost of dumpster rental varies from one company to another. Also, various factors will affect the price, including your location and the size of the container. The average cost of renting a 10-yard dumpster is $300, while it’s $525 for a 40-yard dumpster.

Regulations about dumpster rental may also vary from one city to another. You may need a permit to place a dumpster in your area, and the dumpster rental company can help you determine that. When you rent a container, you will have more control over the disposal process. For instance, you can double-check the items to ensure that you need to throw them away. You can also work at your own pace.

You can fill up the dumpster and pay the set price. If there is a massive volume of junk that needs disposal, like more than seven cubic yards, dumpster rental may be a more practical option. Plus, you can have the container for several days on the property. However, you need to do all the carrying of junk to the dumpster.

Junk Removal

Hiring a junk removal service is also a simple process. Get a service quote and let them know your preferred schedule. The cost of this service can also vary, and like dumpster rental, the location and volume of junk can also affect the price. However, the average price for junk removal is from $135 to $357.

If there are less than seven cubic yards of garbage to dispose of, it is a better option since you will not be using the entire 10-yard container, which is usually the minimum size on dumpster rentals. It’s also more convenient since you don’t have to do any lifting on your own. The removal company will be the one to lift the garbage and put it in the container.

It’s also the ideal option if you want the garbage removed fast, and you don’t want it sitting there for several days. However, you will not have much control over the disposal. They will take whatever is in the pile and get rid of it.

Whether you choose to go for dumpster rental or junk removal, pick a service provider that works with recycling companies. These service providers will segregate the junk and give recyclable materials to the right organizations. It is an excellent way to help keep the environment clean and protected. The garbage that hits the landfill will be lessened, and things can be recycled to be used for other means.