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Is a Fridge Filter Worth the Money?

The average American spends more than $100 yearly on bottled water. Bottled water has become a regular expense because of its convenience.

However, it can become costly to continually purchase bottled water. Another option is to invest in a reusable water bottle and use fridge water. You can get a fridge filter to filter the water.

Want to learn more about why you should get a filter for your refrigerator? Keep reading to learn about why a fridge filter is worth it.

Do You Need a Fridge Filter?

Although most tap water in America is generally safe to drink, tap water could possibly contain contaminants. For example, some tap water sources can contain contaminants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, or lead.

If your home has lead pipes or faucets, lead can leech out of corroded pipes and contaminated your water.

There are also biological contaminants that can get into your water such E. coli bacteria and legionella. The only way to know what is in your tap water for sure is to have your water tested by a laboratory that is certified.

A fridge filter can remove some contaminants from your drinking water.

However, one thing to note that if your drinking water has been declared unsafe to drink, a home water filter cannot remove all impurities and contaminants from unsafe drinking water.

How Do Water Filters Work?

Water filter systems can remove certain contaminants from your fridge water. However, a filter system cannot remove all contaminants in your water. There are different water filter systems that remove certain contaminants

Activated Carbon Filters

One common type of water filter is an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filters out certain contaminants. These types of filters might also remove pesticides, lead, copper, or solvents.

These chemicals are removed from your fridge water by becoming trapped in the filter.

Fridge Filters

The process to filter your fridge water is simple. You find a filter that matches your fridge’s brand. Then, you insert the filter in your fridge.

It’s important to change your fridge filter on time. You should replace your water filter every six months. You might need to replace it sooner depending on how much water you use from your fridge.

After prolonged use, the water filter becomes less effective at removing contaminants.

Why Get a Fridge Filter?

Wondering if you should get a filter for your fridge water? Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a fridge filter.

Better Tasting Water

Do you not like the taste of your drinking water? Do you want water that is crisp and tastes refreshing? All you have to do is find a refrigerator water filter to install in your fridge.

Some people may be put off by the harsh taste of their water. A water filter can help improve the taste of your water.

A fridge filter that uses activated carbon can remove contaminants that affect the taste or smell of your water such as chlorine.

Reduces Lead in Your Water

One contaminant that may end up in drinking water is lead. Many times lead comes from the pipes in your home.

Some homes have lead in their pipes, fixtures, and faucets. Over time, these pipes start to corrode. Homes that were built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes.

Lead exposure can especially affect babies, children, and pregnant women. Even low levels of lead can affect children. They can have issues from lead exposure such as anemia, lower IQ, or hearing issues.

Although a water filter cannot remove all the lead from your water, it can reduce some of the presence of lead. Make sure you choose a filter that is certified for filtering out lead.

Save Money on Water Bottle Expenses

Do you currently buy water bottles as your primary source of drinking water? Do you want to find an alternative to constantly having to buy bottled water?

Consider all that wasted plastic. Only one out of five plastic bottles that we use are recycled.

All the other plastic bottles end up as litter or they are buried. It’s estimated that every second, 1,500 plastic bottles are either thrown in the ocean or dumped in a landfill.

Consider all the money you spend on water bottles. Also, it’s inconvenient to constantly remember to buy more bottles. It’s also inconvenient to find a place to store all those bottles.

With a fridge filter, all you have to do is change the filter about twice a year. After that, you have fresh, great-tasting water any time at home.

When you’re on the go, you can easily fill up a reusable water bottle.

Filter Your Ice Too

With some fridge filtration systems, your ice water can be filtered too. In the middle of the hot summer months, you can drink refreshing, ice-cold water from the convenience of your fridge.

This can also give you one less thing to do if you usually buy ice.

Drink More Water

Another advantage of a water filter at home is you can drink more water. You don’t have to complain about running out of water bottles.

If you feel like you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, you can set a goal to drink more water. You may also want to drink more water instead of high-calorie drinks such as soda or juice.

Final Thoughts on Installing a Fridge Filter

A fridge filter is a simple way to improve the taste of your water and filter out impurities in your drinking water. All you have to do is find the right filter for your fridge and make sure you change it as recommended.

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