July 26, 2019 0 Comments DIY / Home Improvement

Travis Cadman – 5 Reasons For Investing in Your Garden

Whenever you buy a new home the obvious choice is to spend the money that you have inside the home, rather than on the outdoor spaces. This was what I had in mind when I moved up to Alberta, Canada after spending over 20 years in the USA. I brought my family up here for a different life and the home we bought needed quite a lot of investment. After going to see a lender and borrowing some cash we set about making our plans for what we’d do with our new home. As you can imagine, the garden was last on the list, despite the fact that it was in bad shape. I’d be a fraud if I didn’t tell you that I was massively envious of the homes around us, and the gorgeous gardens which they had. 

Our neighbor Travis Cadman is a gardener and after a couple of months of living in our new place he offered us his services. At that time we had completed the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms, but we still had a lot of work to do. I spoke at length with my wife and we decided to ditch our plans and hit the garden. This was the bets decision which we made and here are just 5 reasons why I’d recommend it. 

Lost Space

Although we still had rooms to work on, the whole house was livable, yet the garden wasn’t habitable. Imagine having a room in your home which you can’t use, that seems preposterous of course, yet this is the case if you cannot use your garden. That outdoors space is yours so make sure that you are using it well. 


Kids love playing outdoors and I feel bad that they couldn’t do it in their own home for such a long time. When the kids are out playing they are safe and secure, and they can enjoy doing what kids love, getting dirty and enjoying nature. 


I used to this that it was pointless doing the garden because we never invited people over. The truth his however that we didn’t invite people to our home because the garden was terrible. Since we renovated it we often have neighbors over and I love entertaining in this space. 


Each morning, weather permitting, I take a cup of coffee and a book outdoors, sit on my chair and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden. I never knew how important these moments would be to me until I renovated the garden. 


To be completely honest I used to hate looking out of my windows in the home, peering over the disaster of a garden which we had. Now I look over it each morning and I am instantly pleased with what I see. Believe it or not this actually puts me in a great mood each and every day, and I am sure that it will have the same effect on you.