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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying E Cigarette Nicotine Liquid

From the outside looking in, vaping might seem simple, but it’s actually a science. Choosing the best vaping device and liquid is essential if you want to enjoy your experience. If you pick the wrong one, you might not get the results you were looking for.

Some people may want a liquid that will help them quit, while others are all about the taste. Then you have people who are all about the theatrics. This is why you need to get familiar with vape juice and what to avoid when picking them. Here are some common mistakes people make when shopping for vape juice.

Not Understanding Your PG/VG Ratio

A lot of people buy e cigarette nicotine liquid with no consideration of what’s in it besides the nicotine concentration. However, you should get familiar with the common ingredients found in vape juices as it will make a big difference in things like flavor and vapor production.

Most liquids on the market are made of a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is a by-product of the food industry and propylene glycol is part of the alcohol family. Both will provide a much different sensation. As you would expect, liquids that are higher in glycerin are much smoother to the taste and when inhaled. They also tend to produce much more vapor. High PG liquids, on the other hand, are a bit harsher but aren’t as heavy, which can extend the life of your coils. Liquids that are high in propylene glycol also tend to be more flavorful.

It’s all up to what you’re looking for from a vape. We suggest you try as many concentrations as you can from multiple manufacturers until you find your sweet spot.

Going too High on the Nicotine

There are very few cases where someone would need to be inhaling a 50mg vape juice. If you have a good device, you can easily adjust it to give you more of a hit on a lower concentration. Too much nicotine can have many side effects, some that are minor, like dizziness and headaches, but some that are more serious, like heart issues. So, keep the concentration moderate. If you’re getting started, anything over 24mg is probably too much.

If you’re going to be vaping at higher concentrations, we suggest you only do it with smaller devices. That would be any device you can close your entire hand over. These rarely go over 17 watts, which is perfect for this type of juice.

Buying Cheap Juice from Unreliable Sources

Look on any classified site today and you’ll find people selling cases of nondescript vape juice. If you decide to buy cheap juice from questionable sources, you are playing with your health. Most cases of people getting ill had something to do with them buying illegal cartridges or liquids. Do yourself a favor and spend a few more dollars on high-quality juice from a well-known company.

Taking the time to buy the right juice is very important, especially when getting started. This will ensure that you enjoy your experience and get the satisfaction you were looking for.