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5 Helpful Drinks Which You Need to Help Your Gut

Gut health is something which is very important when considering your overall wellbeing and poor gut health can really have a big impact on many aspects of your life. If your gut health isn’t good then you can expect to be more likely to contract illnesses such as colds and infections, you can also suffer from inflammation which can make eating certain foods very difficult and generally it can make you feel uncomfortable and lacking energy. Thankfully there are some really easy ways to improve your gut health and drinking the right things can greatly help to improve your gut. Check out these super healthy and helpful drinks which can give your gut the healthy boost it needs.

Bone Broth

Made using marrow-rich cow bones this broth has long been thought of as a highly effective gut booster. The marrow is packed with glutamine and amino acids which can help to both repair the gut, and to soothe any gut-related issues. This is a great drink for reducing inflammation and increasing overall gut health.


Kombucha has become a really popular drink in recent years and health shops around the world are heavily promoting this for its health benefits. Kombucha is a probiotic drink which means that it is packed with healthy bacteria which can help your gut. This is also a drink which is rich in antioxidants, giving more than just your gut a health boost. Kombucha is a fermented drink which is made using bacteria and yeast amongst some other ingredients like sugar and tea leaves, you can even make this drink at home.


Kvass is also a fermented drink which can really improve your gut health, the drink is made from beets and has been a popular drink in many parts of the world for centuries. This is also a probiotic drink which contains healthy bacteria to give your gut the tools it needs to reach maximum health and functionality. Furthermore you  can get a good portion of vitamins from this nutrient-rich drink.

Milk Kefir

Another centuries-old fermented drink is milk kefir which uses kefir grains which are then fermented for a long period of time in milk. Similar to Kombucha this drink contains a rich combination of bacteria and yeast which helps to replenish and rejuvenate the bacteria which exists in your gut. The drink has a yoghurt taste to it and is very easy to make on your own at home.

Water Kefir

If you are lactose intolerant or if you simply don’t enjoy the taste of the milk kefir then you can also make the drink using water rather than milk. The drink is made with sugar, water and fruit before kefir grains are added and then left to ferment. Much like milk kefir this is a drink which is bacteria-rich and can really increase your immune system and your ability to digest food.

These drinks are easy to make and they can do wonders for the health of your gut.