July 1, 2019 0 Comments Fashion, Health & Fitness

Which Is The Best Swimsuit For Your Body Shape?

When summer’s upon us we turn our attention to our upcoming vacations, thoughts of sun, sea, sand and bathing by the pool which can bring with them the anxiety-inducing hunt for the perfect swimsuit. We all have different shaped bodies and when it comes to getting the perfect swimsuit it is important that you understand what your body shape is, and how to get the perfect piece which compliments it. No matter whether you are tall, short, slim or plus sized, there are options to suit everyone and here is a quick guide to which swimsuit to buy depending on your individual body shape.

Big Bust

For the well-endowed amongst you, don’t be afraid to buy a bikini top which is a cup size bigger as the key here is coverage.  By all means show off your shape but remember to look for flexible bikinis which will give you full support and avoid any unsightly bulges in the wrong places. If you prefer a swimsuit then the same advice should be taken, look for stretchy material and an extra cup size.

Apple Shape

The apple shape is used to refer to those with great legs, balanced shoulders and waist who also have a large bust and a round tummy. The key here is to highlight your legs and shoulders, whilst avoiding the dreaded muffin top look which some pieces can give you. Tankinis are the best option for this body shape as they’ll highlight the right areas of the body, and help to cover up the tum and the waist. Dark colors can be used to get the maximum impact of those lean legs.

Small Chest

Don’t worry about bikini season if you have a small chest as there are plenty of options for you which will give you confidence and style. A bikini will be the best option for you and the key here is to play with colors to accentuate the best parts of your frame. Using bright colors can add volume to your hips and bust. You could also look at string bikinis and bikinis with frills, which will show off your frame and add volume where it is needed.


An hourglass figure is ideal for summer and using a bra style top with high cut bottoms will be the perfect way to show off that tiny waist, those rounded hips and that healthy bust. Those with an hourglass figure shouldn’t be afraid to show of those beautiful curves and a sleek, brightly colored bikini can do just that.

Plus Size

If you have a plus size figure with a big tummy and chunky legs then shopping for bikinis can be tricky, but there are still some options for you which will help you to feel great on your vacation. An all-in-one swimsuit with a ruffle design can be very flattering indeed and the key to confidence when buying a swimsuit is to use the design to your advantage. Knotted designs and swimsuits with mesh portions can look great if you have a plus-size figure and if you combine that with low-key colors with simple design features then you can feel every bit as confident as you should when you step out in the sunshine.