August 29, 2023 0 Comments Fashion

5 Reasons to Own a Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearls are well-known for their unique overtones, irregular shape, and flattering pale tint colors of lavender, white, peach, and pink. Mainly grown in China, they have a very solid crystalline form, making them one of the most durable pearl necklaces to buy. One of the best pieces of jewelry you can have at the moment is a freshwater pearl necklace; they are unique, beautiful, and affordable.

Not sure why or if to buy a freshwater pearl necklace? Let’s convince you with these 5 reasons:

Can Last a Lifetime

Freshwater pearls, with their solid crystalline structure, are very durable compared to other pearl types like saltwater pearls. Unlike saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls do not usually contain bead nuclei, so most of them are made of solid nacre, making them tough enough to last the test of time. If appropriately cared for, freshwater pearl necklaces can retain their initial beautiful look and luster for over 50 years after leaving the store.

You Don’t Need to Break the Bank

Freshwater pearls are very affordable while still being able to convey a luxurious and glamorous feel that everyone is sure to love. One of the reasons freshwater pearls have a modest price is because they are created inside freshwater mussels and are easier to cultivate and extract. Freshwater pearl necklaces are cheap enough for every pearl lover to add at least a pair to their jewelry collection.

Pearls Are Always in Style

One of our favorite reasons to buy a freshwater pearl necklace is that they are always in style. There are different ways to wear them to add a touch of elegance and upgrade your outfit. If you love to layer necklaces, pair them with other pearl jewelry to create a sophisticated look. You can even combine them with other metals and gemstones for a touch of elegance and glamor.

They are Unique

Freshwater pearls come in a diverse range of natural pale tint colors like white, pink, cream, orange, and lavender. They are also known to display a beautiful, strong orient, a shimmery rainbow effect caused by the diffraction of light just underneath the surface of the pearl. This fascinating distinction makes freshwater pearl necklaces very exciting and fun to wear. You’ll look so unique with freshwater pearls decorating your neck.

Easy to Care For

Maintaining freshwater pearls is easy once you know the right way to do it. To maintain it, you should consider storing them in a designated jewelry pouch to avoid scratches. Also, you can easily clean your freshwater pearls by simply wiping them with a dry or damp soft cloth or microfiber jewelry cloth to remove any dirt or skin oils. In addition, avoid cleaning with detergents, brushes, and ultrasound cleaners.

You will do your jewelry collection a lot of good by adding a freshwater pearl necklace. If you care for them well, you can make them a heirloom you pass down to a child as they are very durable. With so many good reasons to buy freshwater pearl jewelry, the question is, why haven’t you bought one yet?