April 21, 2021 0 Comments Health & Fitness

Selin Sakarcan – How to Avoid Foot Injuries When You Exercise

When it comes to doing any form of sport or exercise, the most at-risk area of our anatomy is our feet. After all it is our feet which will carry the load, they are responsible for most of our movement and yet they are still incredibly sensitive. The most common types of foot injury which you can expect are tears and sprains, strains and even broken bones. If you do get a foot injury then you will be unable to exercise for some time, and that is going to be a frustrating time for you.

According to foot doctor Selin Sakarcan, foot injuries are the most common injury type, and here is how you can make sure that you are doing all that you can to avoid them.

Getting The Right Kit

Far too many people fail to recognize how important it is that they have the right footwear when they are doing exercise. Your footwear has to offer you the protection that you need, as well as the right level of support as you exercise. There are different shoe designs for different types of activity so it is critical that you research well and get the right footwear for your activities.

Warming Up Well

There are some big muscles which we have to warm up before we start to do any exercise, so that we can avoid any strains or tears. If you fail to warm up a muscles such as the achilles, then you are going seriously put yourself at risk of an early injury. Make sure that you invest the right time ahead of your exercise to warm up, and following exercise be sure that you also warm down. This is how you can make sure that you protect the muscles and avoid injury.

If It Hurts, Rest

The large majority of injuries which we see with the feet is as a result of people exercising even though they feel a bit of tightness in the leg or some pain in the foot. If you don’t feel 100% then just don’t exercise. Taking a day or two off right now means that you could prevent yourself from having to take weeks or even months off in the future, when you do get that injury, which of course could be avoided.

Recover Properly

If you have been injured then it is absolutely critical that you recover well and that you take as much time off as you need, to get back to 100%. Many people have repetitive injuries and the source of these is often that they failed to take the right amount of time off when they got injured. It is essential that bones and muscles are given the proper time and rest to really heal, if you do not do this then you are serious going to run the risk of another injury occurring.

Take care with your feet, and you can exercise as you want, for as long as you want.